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The NATIONAL BLACK PRO-LIFE UNION is an organization founded to serve as a clearing house to coordinate the flow of communications among all African American pro-life organizations and individuals in order to better network and combine resources.  

As Miss Delaware, Day Gardner made history 
as the first black woman to be named as a semi-finalist of the internationally renowned Miss America Pageant, breaking through numerous racial and stereotypical roadblocks for others to follow.  
In the late 1980’s, as President and Director of Lipford Corporation, her main achievement was co-designing a $36 million dinner theater and nightclub facility located in the center of Guam's thriving tourist district.  

She has worked as a media consultant at KUAM-TV on Guam, and was an on-air personality and producer with African Broadcasting at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Dr. Gardner has been actively involved in a number of charities. 

Originally a 'Jersey Girl', she spent a year working with the mentally disabled for the ARC of Atlantic County, New Jersey and served meals to Atlantic City's homeless. She also spearheaded an annual toy and clothing drive for needy families in the Atlantic City area. A firm supporter of public television, she was a volunteer television co-host for New Jersey Network's fund-raising drives. 

Formerly, she served as the National Director of Black Americans for Life, (an outreach of National Right to Life Committee). 

Presently, Day Gardner is the founder and President of The National Black Pro Life Union, Associate Director of National Pro Life Center on Capitol Hill and an executive member of the National Clergy Council. 

Dr. Gardner is a sought after speaker who travels throughout the United States, is also is a member of many organizations including the American Center for Law and Justice and the Frederick Douglass Foundation.  A wife and mother, Day Gardner, has written two books--the first, a novel, IF NOT FOR GRACE, is available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and right here:   

What's the story about?

Thomas George Ford learned early that life is not easy, especially for a young black man growing up in 1920s West Virginia. Forced to be known as "George" rather than "Thomas" to avoid being associated with his fugitive father, George struggles to fi nd his identity and make his way in the world. 
Eventually, searching for work, he moves south to live with his uncle Eli. 

Though lighter skinned than her siblings, Grace White never thought to question the circumstances of her birth. But that changes when a tragic act of violence brings her face-to-face with both her past and her now uncertain future. 

When the lives of these two intersect, both Grace and George experience unexpected blessings, including survival through faith, strength through family, and wisdom through forgiveness.

Barnes & Noble
 and Amazon!

"We realize 
that if we are to be successful, 
it is necessary to share information and/or resources as well as 'who gets the credit'. 

We acknowledge that the real credit for any good thing always goes to GOD -- not man."

Day Gardner's New Novel
"Gardner does not wrap life 
in a neat little bow. 
If Not for Grace has some complex themes and she handles them with elegance
 and well, grace... overall, If Not for Grace is
 a solid read and a great effort for a first time novelist." 

Courtenay Roberts,
 the Christian Manifesto.com
Available NOW!
Director of Research

Elle Stanisewski is a pro-life warrior who wears many hats.  She is an active sidewalk counselor, crisis pregnancy counselor, journalist, radio co-host, church choir member, professional teacher, researcher, wife and grandmother.

"Author Day Gardner writes with imagination, skill and suspense. If Not For grace flows...Ms. Gardner knows how to write dialogue!" 
 Donn Gurney, The Book Review

"An absolute must read!" 
 Dr. Alveda King, 
Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Vice President

Robert Solomon is an ordained minister and Bible teacher on the radio program "Scripture Unlimited" a Bible Study on WOL 1450 AM. He is a volunteer at the Anacostia Gracious Arts program and has been actively involved in the pro-life movement since 1990.