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Civil Rights for the Unborn – Evangelist Dr. Alveda C. King, 718-980-4400

Politically Active Christians – Pastor Dean Nelson, 770-294-1047

C.U.R.E. – Star Parker, 202-204-2575

Road to Glory PAC - Day Gardner, 202-834-0844 

BOND – Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, 310-621-5103

Radiance Foundation - Ryan Bomberger,  1-877-51-SHINE (74463)

Brian and Denise Walker - Everlasting Light Ministries, www.ellm.org

L.E.A.R.N – Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter, 910-488-9936

Pastor Stephen Broden – stephenbroden1@sbcglobal.net

Reconciliation Community Church, Manassas, VA - Pastor John Peyton 703-791-3499

Pastor Arnold M. Culbreath, 513-729-3600

National Black Pro Life Coalition – Catherine Davis, 678-571-5309

Frederick Douglass Foundation - Tim Johnson, 828-279-9669

Black Genocide – Pastor Clenard Childress, 866-242-4997

Aftermath Ministries – Sylinthia Stewart, 910-303-5962

National Black Pro-Life Congress – Dr. Levon Yuille, 734-487-5678

Preserving Life and Legacy - Dr. Lillie Epps, 703-328-8210

Voice of Truth and Life Ministries – Pastor Luke J. Robinson, 301-663-1550

MO Blacks for Life – Connie Eller, 314-398-2161

Issues4Life Foundation - Walter B Hoye ll, 510-225-4055

High Impact Leadership Coatition – Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr., 240-845-0388

Black Catholics - Dr. Delores Grier, 212-283-7111

”More Christian Than Black” - Author, Kimberly Cash Tate, 314-258-0100

Author, Tabitha Jackson – 512-285-3834

This Race Will Self-Destruct – Zina Hackworth, 314-882-5373

Pastor Kenneth Barney – New Antioch Baptist, Randallstown, MD - 410-521-7866

Pastor Ceasar LeFlore – Chicago, 708-856-9043

Bishop Darrell Husband - Mt. Olivett Baptist, Richmond, VA - 804-643-8598

Heavenly Father, please keep watch over all of your children--especially those who are unborn and  very, very small...
According to GOD there is only ONE RACE...